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"You know who you're calling. Leave a message."
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Name: Jack Krauser
Age: 40
Gender: Male

Date of Birth: Classified
Place of Birth: Classified
Nationality: American
Appearance: Here. Some of my icons are of his younger incarnation, though he does currently have his facial scars.

Height: 6'5"
Weight: 270 lbs
Hair: Blond (buzz-cut)
Eyes: Blue
Skin: White

Occupation: Special Forces Soldier, United States SOCOM (former)
Mercenary (current)

Notable Talents:
Military combat
Stealth and infiltration

Orientation: Krauser is mostly attracted to men, but he will have sex with women without a word of complaint. It's all the same to him.
Preferred Position: Switch

Info: http://residentevil.wikia.com/Krauser

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Got any feedback on how I'm playing Krauser? Please feel free to leave it here!

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□ Name: Omelette
□ Age: 26
□ Contact: tntlaserbeam on AIM, or PM the journal
□ Journal: N/A
□ Do you play anyone in Ariel?: Maxi [personal profile] pirateelvis and Chris Redfield [personal profile] starssurvivor (Chris and Krauser are from the same series, but have no contact or knowledge of each other in canon.)

→ IC
□ Name: Jack Krauser
□ Journal: [personal profile] silverdax
□ Series: Resident Evil
□ Canon point: Post his apparent "death" at the end of RE4

□ History: Wiki here.

□ Personality:
Jack Krauser has spent his entire adult life in the military, rising through the ranks to become well-known as an efficient and talented soldier. He served with US. SOCOM (Special Operations Command) where he performed dozens of missions too dangerous for ordinary soldiers. He's strong, instinctual, an expert with nearly every modern weapon and a deadly killer.

So talented is he, in fact, that Krauser feels his life has no meaning outside of battle. He is emotionally detached and something close to amoral, and as a result, he sees himself as unfit to live in regular society. He feels uncomfortable in civilian life and has difficulty relating to people who aren't soldiers and don't understand his desensitized, combat-oriented ways of thinking. So Krauser is generally content to stay in his element; even when he has time off from the military, he spends it doing mercenary work. He views killing as his only talent, and the only thing he can do to be useful as a person. Hand in hand with that, Krauser values strength and power above all other things. Those with power have the ability to change the world, and as long as Krauser has power, he will still be relevant.

Krauser is the quintessential model soldier, loyal to his commander and focused only on the mission at hand. He doesn't ask questions and doesn't let his own morals or emotions get in the way of his mission. He's not particularly ambitious, having no desire to lead nor to rise any higher than field combat. He is perfectly content to follow orders as long as he trusts the one giving them. Krauser could accurately be called a brute, though he takes no shame in the gruesome, violent nature of his job. He may be incapable of doing anything else but killing, but it is something he excels at and something that he has put a lifetime of work into, so he is proud of that fact. It's an uneasy sort of pride, however, and Krauser is always paranoid that he will be displaced in the top spot by someone else.

That pride is also what led a decorated American soldier to becoming a vicious, amoral, and quite literal monster.

Though he is always gruff, stone-faced and brutal, the younger Krauser shown in Darkside Chronicles is a decent person, capable of cracking jokes and befriending Leon, who clearly respects him. He is a bit socially awkward when it comes to non-military matters, but does manage, if a bit tactlessly. He takes pride in being assigned to mentor Leon, and later is quietly jealous of Leon's presidential orders for Operation Javier, annoyed that a younger, more inexperienced agent would receive that special status instead of a veteran like him. He still manages to keep a stoic face and play nice with Leon, however, determined that the mission is more important than his own feelings.

And then Krauser's left arm gets crippled, and he proceeds to totally lose it.

Krauser views his honorable discharge as a slap in the face, a betrayal after all the years he devoted to his service. He has no idea what to do with himself outside of the military, convinced that he's mentally and physically broken, too weak to be accepted anywhere else. With wounded pride and in a panic over what he's supposed to do with his life, he becomes desperate to regain the strength he needs to keep fighting. He finds that strength in the service of bioterrorist/evil scientist Albert Wesker, and Krauser doesn't think twice about trading his humanity for it. The result transforms Krauser into something no longer human, but it restores the function of his arm-- and gives him a new battle to fight.

In gratitude, Krauser is completely devoted to the whims of his employer, a loyal soldier who will follow Wesker's every order to the letter. Where the military reined Krauser in and kept him tethered to morality and a code of honor, Wesker prefers to keep him like a vicious dog on a long leash, to be released anytime he needs dirty work done. Nearly all traces of Krauser's good nature are gone, and he is a great deal more cruel, vicious and unpredictable now, but not pointlessly so. It's questionable how much he even buys into Wesker's schemes of world domination, but that doesn't seem to matter to Krauser; as long as he can keep fighting, he doesn't particularly care what he's fighting for. Regardless of his change in loyalty and his darker personality, that one thing hasn't changed about Krauser- he will get the job done, no matter what it takes, and no matter what kind of gruesome deeds he has to do in the process.

□ Age: 40
□ Gender: Male
□ Appearance: Krauser is a ridiculously intimidating man, standing 6'5" and probably weighing in close to 300 pounds of pure muscle. He has blue eyes and blond hair in a military buzz-cut, and if the scowl on his face isn't permanent, it's at least his default expression. He is almost never without military fatigues or tactical clothing on, because he is almost never not on some sort of mission. After faking his death in a helicopter crash, Krauser has a few jagged scars running over his lips and up towards his left eye. There are also some dark, ugly scars on the upper part of his left arm, which appear to follow his veins across his shoulder and part of his chest.

□ Abilities/Powers:
Krauser has spent over 20 years in the military, so needless to say, his combat skills are a force to be reckoned with. He is very large and incredibly strong, all on his own merits. He's also an expert in nearly all types of modern weaponry, though has his clear favorites. He prefers a compound bow to a gun when he can use one. He is also a masterful knife fighter, and it is something of his trademark and a main feature of his boss fight.

In exchange for working for Wesker and allowing him to experiment on him, Krauser gained virally-enhanced superhuman abilities. It's never outright stated, but it's implied that Krauser is infected with two separate pathogens, one unknown virus from Wesker and the Las Plagas parasite from his time with the Los Illuminados cult. His abilities come from a combination of both.

Krauser has unnatural speed and agility. He's incredibly fast for a man of his size, so fast he's able to dodge bullets fired at him from within ten yards. He is able to jump incredibly high as well, shown easily clearing more than 15 feet without even breaking a sweat (and with a backflip, no less.)

He can also withstand great injuries that would kill other people, letting him keep getting up even when he should by all accounts be down and out. It isn't precisely a healing factor, as it appears to still take time for him to recover from these wounds, but it allows him the endurance to keep going despite them.

While infiltrating Los Illuminados, Krauser proves his loyalty to them by accepting a Las Plagas parasite into his left arm, making it even more powerful than before. The parasite allows him to mutate his arm into a hideous, tentacled bladed monstrosity half the size of his body, with which he can obviously do a lot of killing. The tentacles can grab and hold things under his control, and also have some Ariel-specific alternative uses. Krauser can transform his arm back and forth apparently at will, though it takes a lot of physical focus and stamina to be able to do so. Ordinarily, Las Plagas would have taken over his brain and forced him to obey the cult leader, Saddler, but Krauser's other virus apparently overrides this, allowing him to remain loyal to Wesker while undercover.

□ Personal Items:
- Mercenary uniform (tactical pants and shirt, bandoliers, holsters, beret, boots, socks and undergarments)
- His combat knife

□ First Person Sample:


[There is no mirror or reflection in the shot, just a small, dim room- the back room of some building, perhaps, or just a closed off and isolated spot. A pair of strong, hands is toying with a large combat knife: spinning it, smoothing fingers along the flat of the blade, expertly handling it the way some people play with nail files as a nervous habit.

The voice that speaks after a moment sounds like it's been gargling rocks and glass shards, low and harsh and almost a growl.

I've heard of getting 72 virgins when you die. But nobody mentioned a whole city obsessed with porn.

[He chuckles and tosses the knife, catching it a time or two before he speaks again.]

Apparently someone can hear me out there, on this thing. Maybe one of you will be good enough to give me the real intel on this place-- the one without the smiling bimbo at a desk.

How about it? First person who tells me what I want to know wins a prize.

□ Third Person Sample:



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